Just relax, be beautiful and happy on the most important day of your life, everything else is taken care of by our top wedding experts, down to the smallest detail.

Your Happiness. Our Joyfulness

Wedding Experts

At Palace Hotel, the leading wedding experts will be responsible for the whole process from conceptualizing, designing to realizing the idea of ​​a party. We always make sure that your Wedding Party will always be unique and personal.

Perfect Selection

If your dream is a truly luxurious wedding, we have the Wedding Room. If your dream is more romantic, we will turn the swimming pool into a dream of the most romantic, lyrical wedding.

Wedding Venue Options

  • Luxurious wedding reception at the spacious wedding room for nearly 600 guests (can be expanded to a swimming pool for more than 900 guests).
  • Romantic wedding party on the lakeside for more than 300 guests.
  • Cozy wedding reception in small banquet rooms (From 50 to 200 guests)

Amazing Quality Of Food

The hotel chef will always accompany you and your family, helping you design a perfect menu so that each dish is a small joy, contributing to a greater happiness.

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